IQAir Replacement Parts are very affordable and only need to be replaced once every 2-4 years! The HyperHEPA air filter is such a high quality HEPA filter that it can remove over 100 times smaller particles than your standard HEPA filter can and can outlast the average by a significantly longer time.

The IQAir replacement filters can save you time and money by the infrequency of replacing compared to other HEPA filters! Not all filters below are required for every unit. Please see description below to find the right replacement part for your air purifier.

    • HyperHEPA Filter: every 2-4 years
    • PreMax Filter: every 6-18 months
    • V5-Cell: every 1-2 years
    • Gas and Odor Filters: 1-3 years


IQAir, the #1 Rated and Reviewed Air Filter in America!! Nothing beats the IQAir in performance!

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