5 Steps of Biozone Purification

Biozone Purifiers use 5 Stages of Purification to Clean the Air


Step 1. Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO)



In this process organic molecules are effectively broken down and their reproductive nature destroyed by Biozone’s Advanced PCO technology using the energy of UV-photons thus impeding the growth of any further unwanted contaminants in your home.



Step 2. Photoplasma



Photoplasma is a gas that is fully ionized by UV-light containing ions and free electrons. The plasma that is created or electrically charged particles of the plasma (electrons) seek out and destroys many different types of dangerous and unwanted molecules.

  • It reduces airborne and surface micro-organisms
  • Oxidizes most chemicals
  • Destroys and prevents mold and fungi buildup on any surface
  • Removes particles from the air



Step 3. Germicidal Light



The UV Germicidal lamps, used in all Biozone Air Purifiers, have specially formulated glass that passes through the deep UV light wavelength of 185nm. This generates efficient germicidal light that sterilizes and breaks down harmful electron bonds in unwanted particles.



Step 4. Negative Ions

These are electrically charged particles which have gained or lost electrons. Negatively charged ions have excess amounts of electrons giving them a negative charge. Biozone’s devices are creating these negative ions and they float around in the air interacting with chemical compounds and micro-organisms. They attach themselves to the airborne contaminants in the room and destroy them. Along with Ozone they contribute to Hydroxyl radical formation which is one of the most effective antiseptic species.



Step 5. Ozone



Ozone is a gaseous compound that is normally found in the atmosphere. It is produced by the reaction between Oxygen and UV-light. It is formed of three oxygen atoms. It is a bi-product of this whole process and the amounts generated are managed through the use of custom-designed, dual-purpose UV lamps, therefore blocking part of the UVC spectrum that contributes to a higher production of Ozone. Ozone's properties as a bactericide, viricide, fungicide, and deodorizer are well accepted by the scientific community. It can effectively and efficiently be used for killing harmful micro-organisms and destroying harmful substances such as VOC's.