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Indoor air pollutants can cause severe health issues not to mention, highly annoying ones like sneezing, coughing, asthma attacks and watery eyes. Air purifiers like the ones showm below can help significantly reduce their pollutants through many different purification technologies. HEPA Air Filters reduce airborne particles by trapping ultra-fine pollutants like pollen, dust and pet dander within their massive fiber structure. Carbon Air Filters absorb dangerous chemicals, odors and smoke inside their filter media thus removing them forever from your home. UV Light Air Purifiers send cleaning elements out into the surrounding space to penetrate fabrics and surfaces to kill unwanted bacteria, germs, viruses, odors and mold. Combination Air Purifiers handle the best of all worlds. To learn more, visit our learning center. 

Home air purifiers are great for enhancing any room of your house. Not only are they stylish and functional but they can also improve your life. Depending on the brand of home air purifier you choose, you could have clean air in your home within minutes.

At cleanair4life, we offer many brands of home air purifiers including IQAir, Austin Air, Blueair, Air Oasis, Biozone, Airfree, Mini Max, Neoair, Nautic Air, and Mammoth Air. We also offer a few other types of cleaning machines like the Violight toothbrush sanitizer and Violight travel toothbrush sanitizer. Mini Max also offers an air purifier with a humidifier that works great for smaller rooms.

Home air purifiers are important because they purify the air in your home. Air purifiers can remove allergens, smoke, dust, pet dander, mold and odor. Home air purifiers can literally destroy bacteria, trap chemicals and remove ultrafine allergens from the air, thus improving your indoor air and improving your life.

At cleanair4life, our goal is to provide you with as few options as possible in order to make the right choice about which air purifier is right for you. We have a large enough selection of air purifiers and air purifier reviews so you can make the best decision. Some air purifiers work great for certain things and not so great for others. For instance, HEPA air filters like the Austin Air are great for removing allergens from the air but they can't remove smoke particles in large quantities. Carbon filters like the Blueair Go Smokestop are great for removing smoke from the air but they can't trap ultra fine airborne allergens from the air. Virtual smoke eaters like the Air Oasis are great for removing smoke odors and particles from your indoor air thus improving your indoor air quality but they won't destroy living bacteria in your couch. It's important to know which air purifier is right for your circumstance.

One of the best ways to decide which air purifier is right for you is to first decide what issue brought you to begin your search for an air purifier. If you get a stuffy nose at night because of allergens, you should purchase an air purifier that removes allergens like a HEPA air filter. If you have a pesky neighbor that smokes and smoke is getting into your apartment, you would be better suited to purchase a carbon filter-based air purifier for your home. If your children are always catching a cold and you want to reduce the amount of viruses, bacteria and germs in your home, you should try a negative ion generating air purifier. With all the options we have for home air purifiers at such a great price, it's a wonder why anyone would shop anywhere else!

Plus, keep in mind we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the product you can return it risk-free. Please visit our returns policy page to view more information on our returns policy.