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The Best Home Air Purifiers

Affordable, reliable and assembled with the highest technological standards, our home air purifiers work to combat dust, mold, allergies, odor and smoke. There are two main types of air purifiers available today that have proven efficiency ratings: Filter-based air purifiers like the IQAir Air Purifier and the Austin Air Purifier and UV Light Air Purifiers like the Air Oasis Air Purifier and the Biozone Air Purifier. Filter-based air purifiers can be further seperated by the type of air filter used such as either HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Filter or Carbon Air Filter also known as Smokestop or Activated Carbon. Combination Air Purifiers also exist that house multiple technologies within one purifier such as the Mammoth Air Purifier and the Cleanaire Air Purifier. Let's examine the different types of air purifiers available on this website:

HEPA Air Filters

HEPA air filters are designed to remove up to 99.99% of harmful particles from your indoor air in a given time frame. That time frame is determined by how powerful the actual motor and fan are inside the air purifier. An extremely powerful motor and fan can circulate the air in an average sized room multiple times per hour like the IQAir and Blueair air filters. Less powerful fans, found in some lower priced air purifiers typically sold by big box stores, can only exchange the air in a room once per hour or less. This is called the CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate). HEPA Air Filters, when in combination with a powerful fan and motor inside an air purifier, can produce amazing clean air delivery rates which is important in removing mass quantities of dust, pollen and smoke from your indoor air. Some extremely high quality HEPA Air Filters are found in air filters we sell here on this website including the Austin Air Purifiers, the IQAir Air Purifiers and the Blueair Air Purifiers. HEPA Filters work in three ways: Impaction, Interception and Diffusion. To learn more about HEPA filters and their importance, click here to view our learning center article.

Carbon Air Filters

Carbon is a porous substance that absorbs odors, smoke and household chemicals on contact. Carbon Air Filters typically house a large amount of this carbon media within two layers of prefilter fabric to allow for maximum absorption as air passes over. Carbon air filters are typically referred to as Activated Carbon or Smokestop filters as are found in high quality air purifiers like the Blueair Air Purifier and Austin Air Purifier. The reason carbon filters are considered "activated" are because the carbon filter has a positive charge using static electricity in order to attract the most impurities from your indoor air as possible. Using static electricity will attract particles easier than if the particles are left to find the filter themselves. Carbon filters are extremely effective in absorbing smoke, odors and chemicals from the surrounding air and are an absolute must for any smoker's home. Virtual smokeeaters, carbon filters can literally remove the smoke right of front of your face and all the nasty odor that goes along with it. Most carbon filter air purifiers will also have HEPA filter technology as the two filter technologies work hand in hand to create an overall improved indoor air quality atmosphere. Examples of HEPA and Carbon Filter combo purifiers are the Blueair SMokestop Series Air Purifiers and the Austin Air Health Mate Plus Series of air purifiers. The most advances air purification system on the market today that houses both types of filters is the IQAir HealthPro Plus.

Negative Ion Air Purifiers

Negative Ion air purifiers like the Air Oasis and the Biozone air purifier use a combination of UV light and a catalyst metal to purify the air. These can be the best home air purifiers for odors, bacteria and smoke because they send out, what we call ‘cleaning agents’ into your home to purify the air. The air does not have to enter into the air purifier in order for the air to be purified. The benefits surrounding negative ion or ozone air purifiers is that one extremely compact air purifier can literally clean your entire home's indoor air. Of course, if you have a split level home or lots of doorways for the purified air to pass through, we recommend getting two purifiers to help the purified air transfer from room to room. As an example, if you have a 2000 square foot home with about 1000 square feet upstairs and 1000 square feet downstairs, we would recommend getting an Air Oasis 1000G3 for your upstairs and another Air Oasis 1000 G3 air purifier for your downstairs in order to effectively clean your entire home. Other negative ion purifiers like the Neoair and Cleanaire use a culmination of all air purification types to purify the air. These combo units as we call them, use HEPA air filters, carbon air filters and negative ions to improve the air quality in your home.

Whole House Air Cleaners

Another type of home air purifier is a whole house air purification system. These types of air purifiers are typically installed into your home's HVAc system and purify the air through your home through the ductwork system. Dirty air enters into your duct system just as it normally does when the fan in your HVAC system turns on, and then either passes over a UV light or passes through a filtration system. Currently, the most advanced whole house air purification systems offered through our website are the IQAir Induct and the Air Oasis Nano Induct Systems. You will notice that a price is not listed for any of these units as a phone discussion is required prior to purchasing these purifiers. The reason we require a phone conversation is to connect directly with the customer. The Air Oasis induct models are recommended to be installed by a licensed technician and Air Oasis wants to ensure everyone's safety by explaning this fact in person over the phone. The reason a call is required for an IQAir purification system is because only a specific, licensed technician hired and trained by IQAir is required for installation. Whole house air purifier are remarkable and will significantly improve the indoor air of your home. They are well worth the extra effort to be installed properly and once installed, will last you years. Never deal with moving your air purifier from room to room again, purchase an air purifiers for your whole home and reap the benefits of purified air all over your home.

Commercial Air Purifiers

Commercial air purifiers are also available to improve the indoor air of commercial or extremely large areas that typically have higher amounts of impurities than the average home. Examples of commercial spaces that would benefit from indoor air purification systems are hotel rooms, conference centers, pet grooming facilities or veterinarian hospitals, printing and design centers, and so many more. Commercial air purifiers like the Air Oasis and the Amaircare have portable models that can be used to purify the spaces that need it at that time. For example, rental car companies regularly get vehicles returned that have been smoked in. After placing a portable Air Oasis 5000 Commercial Air Purifier in the vehicle for no more than 2 hours, the smoke smell is effectively eliminated and the struggle to get that clean car smell is virtually gone! These commercial air purification systems can also be either installed into the ductwork in a HVAC system or can simply be permanently placed in a room like a bar that allows smoking. Never deal with a fog of smoke above your customers again when a simple "on" can remove up to 99% of smoke quickly. Improve the customer experience by installing a commercial air purifier in your business today.

Choosing the Right Air Purifier

If you are having difficulty determining which air purifier is right for you, we suggest viewing our air purifier comparison chart to see a side by side comparison of features and prices on our best selling air purifiers. Or visit our Which Air Purifier IS Right For You page to use our air purification selection tool to determine exactly what you need based on two simple questions.

Our knowledgeable staff has spent countless hours developing our extensive learning center and we want you to use it. Please visit our home air purifier learning library to educate yourself about the terminology and technology used in this business. We have a ton of articles on air purifiers and all related topics such as: what is dust made of, HEPA Air Filters, allergies, asthma, CADR rating, and more.

We also have a glossary of air purification terms and related websites that can help you become educated before making a purchase. With all this information, we feel you will be able to pick the right air purifier for you, but if you need any help at all, please contact us today and we would be happy to assist you. Our knowledgeable staff is waiting to help you pick the right air purifier for you. Call today!