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This purifier (PR20) is great, I have had the older one (BZ2000) for about 15 years, and it died. Bought one first of the year 2020, was using it and let my granddaughter use it for a month, so I bought another one. They are great, nice go come into the house and it smells fresh and clean. It is a little prices, but it does the work that biozone claims.

~ Frank

Couldn't resist ordering the PR20 at the same time. It's still awesome, how something so small and maintenance-free can work so well. My asthma hates it; I love it. Thanks for such a great product. I want one for my car.

~ Byron

Dear Airfree, As a longstanding sufferer from dust mites, hay fever and many other things, I think Airfree is fantastic. In the past, I had to close up the house and lie in a dark room for hours to feel better.

~ Leslie C, Charleston S.C.

After much research and many mistake purchases of lesser units, Biozone 2000 (PR20) is my first choice for an air filter/ cleaner for my home-office. I have one on each floor running full time and love them.

~ Audrey


All the air purifiers we sell are good for animals as well but the
Biozone products are specifically suitable for the pets.

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Affordable, reliable and assembled with the highest technological standards, our home air purifiers work to combat dust, mold, allergies, odor and smoke. There are three main types of air purifiers available today that have proven efficiency ratings: TSS (Thermodynamic Sterilization System) technology like the Airfree Air Purifier, Filter-based air purifiers like the Blueair Purifier and the Austin Air Purifier and UV Light Air Purifiers like the Biozone Air Purifier. Filter-based air purifiers can be further seperated by the type of air filter used such as either HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Filter or Carbon Air Filter also known as Smokestop or Activated Carbon. Combination Air Purifiers also exist that house multiple technologies within one purifier. Let's examine the different types of air purifiers available on this website: