Negative Ions

A Negative Ion is a molecule that is electrically charged with an extra electron. This extra electron is released onto an unwanted particle once it collides with it, thereby giving the particle an electric charge. The charged particle then has the ability to attract to the next surface it touches which can be the floor, a desk, or the carpet and is easily vacuumed or wiped up to eliminate it.

Negative Ions are therefore very effective at reducing the amount of airborne contaminants naturally.

In addition, exposure to more negative ions than positive ions is known to naturally raise our awareness level and bring about a calming effect on the human mind. Positive ions secrete from:

  • vehicle pollution,
  • televisions,
  • computer monitors,
  • plastics, etc...

Experts say that high amounts of positive ions can impose bad moods whereas negative ions improve them and can even help plants grow.

High amounts of negative ions are found in locations of moving water like waterfalls, during rain storms, in a shower, etc...

Think of how flowing water makes you feel and you immediately recognize the benefits of negative ion purification.

Negative ion purifiers are a great option for people who:

  • Do not want filters to replace
  • Enjoy creating a balance and calming effect in their home
  • Want a reduction of pollutants in the air

Examples of Negative Ions Purifiers