Testimonials in Order of Year Received:


  • Bulb replacement

Posted by Rob Hupfer April 5 2021

You guys always come through love this product for sure thank you so much you guys rock.



  • Biozone PR30

Posted by Jane Stamm on March 5 2021

I like this product. It really does clean and freshen. Works great if you can open a window to help circulate the fresh air.


  • Biozone PR20

Posted by Frank Gazda on Dec 17 2020

This purifier is great, I have had the older one for about 15 years, and it died. Bought one first of the year 2020, was using it and let my granddaughter use it for a month, so I bought another one. They are great, nice go come into the house and it smells fresh and clean. It is a little prices, but it does the work that biozone clams.


  •  Biozone PR20

 Posted by Victor Coffey on Nov 27 2020

We have owned a Biozone for years and gave it to our daughter to try. Within 2 weeks we missed it and bought a pr20 (for our office. Covid) and a pr10 for our home. We love them. Thanks.


  • Love These Biozone Units

Posted by Audrey April 4 2017

After much research and many mistake purchases of lesser units, Biozone 2000 (PR20) is my first choice for an air filter/ cleaner for my home-office. I have one on each floor running full time and love them.


  • Very satisfied with Biozone PR20

Posted by Olga on Feb 24 2017

We are very satisfied with the product. I have recommended it to my friends.

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  • Working Great (Biozone Replacement Lamp)

Posted by Kathleen Duff on June 7 2016

The Biozone bulb I purchased arrived sooner than expected has refreshed the air much better than bulbs I previously purchased from other vendors. 


  • Best Air Purifier You can by (IQAir HealthPro Plus)

Posted by Unknown on 18th Apr 2016

I have had many air purifier this is the best purchase, room clean and no smoke smell. Quiet even at the high is level. The price may look high but I was sending over two hundred in filter a month with my other air purifiers and my room still smelled of smoke.


  • Energy Bill Not Affected by Biozone Air Purifier (Biozone PR05)

Posted by Lincoln on 16th Jul 2013

I like to use this Biozone air purifier because I know its methods are as clean as the air it creates. The system is designed to be ecologically friendly, as far as I can tell. It doesn't use any chemicals or cover-up scents to freshen the air, just an efficient electrostatic filter. The Biozone doesn't take much energy to run, but I think it's made an enormous impact on our health. If we don't have to pay more for clean air beyond the initial investment, I'm all for it!


  • Biozone Air Purifier Wins Award for Least Maintenance (Biozone PR05)

Posted by Unknown on 21st Jun 2013

For all the cleaning work that this Biozone air purifier does, you'd think you'd have to change the filters every day. But there are no filters. In fact, there's hardly any maintenance with this thing at all. It quickly got rid of the mold in our bathroom, but there was no sign of it in the machine, nothing to take care of. Just a clean bathroom. I'm still amazed.


  • Biozone Air Purifier Airs Out Apartments (Biozone PR05)

Posted by Unknown on 21st May 2013

My apartment stunk before this Biozone air purifier made an appearance. The previous tenant had smoked himself to oblivion, so the whole place reeked. But then this purifier reminded the smell who was boss, and my place is now more or less livable. Air quality isn't a problem.


  • Biozone Air Purifier Makes Your House Bio-Safe (Biozone PR05)

Posted by Unknown on 3rd Apr 2013

Who knows what kind of crap was floating around my house before this Biozone air purifier started working. This is just the smaller model, but it still cleans the air like a larger machine. Runs pretty silent too, so there's nothing stopping you from putting it in your bedroom.


  • Another Solid Biozone Air Purifier (Biozone PR05)

Posted by Unknown on 4th Feb 2013

Once again, here's another great addition to the Biozone air purifier family. These simple Biozone air purifiers are the definition of low maintenance: no filters, no washing. If you've got problems with smoke, mold, or chemical fumes in your home or business, you could probably make use of this Biozone air purifier.


  • High Quality Blueair Air Cleaner (Bluair 650E)

Posted by Unknown on 1st May 2013

This air purifier is very effective and energy efficient! It removes almost all impurities in the 3-stage purification process, including things that irritate allergies. It's great for medium sized spaces, and can purify a whole apartment!


  • Best Air Purifier Review Here! (IQAir HealthPro Plus)

Posted by Unknown on 1st May 2013

If you are looking to reduce smoke, irritants, and allergens, this review is for you. The IQAir HealthPlus Pro is an excellent investment for anyone concerned about indoor air quality. The price tag may look spendy, but the purifier has an enormous range and very high efficiency. A great deal overall!


  • Best Air Purifier for Any Space (IQAir HealthPro Plus)

Posted by Unknown on 6th Mar 2013

This air purifier is known as one of the best (at least, it looks like Consumer's Digest thinks so), and I'm pretty convinced that this is the truth. This air purifier is one of the best ways to get rid of pollen, allergens, dust, and other crap that's floating around your house.


  • Energy Efficient Blueair Air Purifier (Blueair 450E)

Posted by Unknown on 21st May 2013

With this Blueair air purifier, you can remove allergens and crud from your air without leaving much of a carbon footprint. The 450E filters out a ton of contaminants, yet it runs quietly and efficiently. We keep it in the bedroom, and it's quiet enough to not disturb our sleep one iota.


  • Blueair Air Cleaner Can Take Care of Itself (Blueair 450E)

Posted by Unknown on 21st May 2013

This Blueair air cleaner doesn't even need any input from you to work well. All you have to do is plug in the setting you want, and the cleaner will automatically adjust itself to your environment. It works quickly, quietly, and completely efficiently without making me change the settings all the time.


  • Still awesome! (Biozone PR20)

Posted by Byron H. on 11th Dec 2013

Had an older Biozone 1000 and ordered a new lamp and fuse. Couldn't resist ordering the PR20 at the same time. It's still awesome, how something so small and maintenance-free can work so well. My asthma hates it; I love it. Thanks for such a great product. I want one for my car.


  • Hands-Off Biozone Air Purifier (Biozone PR20)

Posted by Unknown on 4th Mar 2013

Sometimes having an air purifier is a lot of work, what with the filters and the energy use and all the maintenance, but this Biozone air purifier doesn't really have those problems. Despite the fact that you never really have to clean the thing, the Biozone air purifier can clean up to 2000 square feet of dirty, dirty air. Even the smoke smell that routinely drifts around the house because of certain people whose names I won't mention here is eliminated by these Biozone air purifiers.


  • Outstanding Performance from BioZone Air Purifier (Biozone PR10)


Posted by Unknown on 2nd May 2013

This air purifier is fantastic for situations of the odorous variety. Though it's not designed for allergy sufferers, it works beautifully for drawing out smoke and cooking odors. The price is right and the product works great!


  • Great Product, great experience (Biozone PR10)

Posted by Unknown on 27th Feb 2013

The Biozone 1000 is phenomenal, super quiet and produces the best air quality we've ever had. Went through 2 other air purifiers prior...don't waste your money on other options, buy this one. Cleanair4life service was excellent as well, will buy from them again!


  • Good purifier (Biozone PR10)

Posted by Jorge A. on 21st Jan 2013

Very good product, it's small but very fast. It works.


  • Keeps away filthy bacteria and germs in our barber shop (Biozone PR20)

Posted by Donta from Chitown on 14th Apr 2012

Anyone not in the trade of cutting hair may be surprised at how some people maintain there hair. I was appalled the first time I saw someone with a head full of nasty..let's just call it. I've had to wear gloves at time cutting people's hair for fear of catching something from them. I talked to a salon down the street and asked if they had anything to counter what at times creeps through that door of ours and they told me about the biozone purifier. We bought it and just knowing it is killing all the junk coming through our door is great but it also improved the smell of the shop. Now, I recommend it to all my clients.


  • cook fish with no odors (Biozone PR20)

Posted by Chris Wood, 2006 on 4th Apr 2012

I have to tell you how nice it is to cook fish and not have our place smell like it for days. When my husband brought the air purifier home I couldn't imagine it could get rid of fish odors, but it sure does. We now have fish much more often than we used to because there just is no odor anymore. The machine also keeps our condo (which is in an older building) smelling fresh and clean all the time. Your air purifier really works well.


  • Great for Mold Removal (Biozone PR20)

Posted by Anthony on 27th Mar 2012

It actually does what it says it is supposed to do. Really helps keep the mold and mildew smell from out of my basement apartment. Freshens the air where I have no breeze because of small windows.


  • Your purifier solved my problem (Biozone PR10)

Posted by Toby, 2006 on 4th Apr 2012

Toby's Oasis is a small cafe/deli across from the beach. We installed a Biozone unit a week ago (this testimonial was originally from 2006) and we can't believe the difference. The air quality and fresh smell is unbelievable. As you can imagine, the odors from the ocean, from sunbathers and from the food we prepare is quite a combination. Unfortunately, not always a good combination.

Your air purifier solved this problems. We also love the fact that it is a no maintenance product. The last thing we need is something else to try to keep up with.

(Customer service has posted this review based on our past testimonial from this gentleman)


  • good but smelly (Biozone PR10)

Posted by BobT090 on 27th Mar 2012

There is a weird smell that comes out of this machine but it seems like it's working alright.

good sized, and I'm still convinced that this is the best air purifier for the space.


  • air purifier review (IQAir HealthPro Plus)

Posted by Patty on 28th Apr 2012

This is the best thing ever!! I live in Florida where it is hot and humid and the air is stuffy and filthy. I have no air conditioning in my house...I know...how stupid, but I said to myself that I have to get relief somehow from this stale musty air and I bought this purifier and have been so happy. Buy this product it is worth the money!!!


  • Best Air Purifier (IQAir HealthPro Plus)

Posted by Mrs. Hoods on 28th Apr 2012

I love this product my very good friend who is a hairstylist recommended this to me and I have loved it. It's a great product. The smell also is very nice! I have had air purifiers before that made the house smell funny but not this one, this one makes the air fresh and good smelling. It has been a wonderful product for me so far. I've had it now for about 2 weeks now.


  • Super Satisfied (IQAir HealthPro Plus)

Posted by e.c. on 28th Apr 2012

I have had mine for almost 3 weeks and absolutely LOVE it. My air is so pure and fresh especially on humid days-I live in the south so we have a lot of humid days. This purifier keeps my air so fresh and it seems to only take maybe 15 minutes to start working. I will never own another air purifier. This one is AMAZING!!


  • Bought it after a Referral (IQAir HealthPro Plus)

Posted by owner of best dog collars on 27th Apr 2012

I bought the product after my hairdresser told me about it. I used it right away and was absolutely thrilled at the results.
Love it.


  • No more dusting (IQAir HealthPro Plus)

Posted by Mavis G. on 15th Apr 2012

I have to say that all the reviews and articles I read about this air purifier led me to purchase it for all the high comments. I appreciate the work it does to clean the air of harmful things, however, my reason for purchase was much more superficial than others I've heard. I was honestly tired of dusting everyday. The consistent laboring of moving all knick knacks and wiping below them to remove dust from my furniture was simply tiring. I read somewhere that this air purifier removed dust from the air so I thought for sure it would help me with my desperate problem. I mean, I was literally dusting at least once a day, I'm not sure if our furnace needs a cleaning or the air outside is so bad and our house is so leaky that the dust just develops daily or what the problems is, but I must say, now, I don't have the problem. I obtained 3 of these air purifir after I got the first one and it worked so good. I only have to dust the rooms this is in, now a decreased 1-2 times per MONTH! And the rooms I do not have this air purifier in, I only have to dust a decreased 3-4 times per month. Compared to 1-3 times per week, I am a happy old lady now! Thank you for presenting this air purifier that actually works better than explained.


Thank you very much for all your time and effort you put forth to get the manual.  You made what could have been a negative experience into a great satisfying experience.

Patricia, 2011


 My husband bought the Cleanaire D2100 air purifier a few months ago for our teenage daughter’s room as the smell in there was getting awkward to say the least. I was skeptical about the purchase because the price is kind of high but have changed my mind completely. Her room now maintains a fresh smell and contains alot less dust than it used to. Since we were so satisfied with the purifier in her room, we decided to get two more for the house and have been very happy with the results. The Cleanaire D2100 is a great purifier.

Marcie Woods, 2010


I’ve been using the Iqair Air Purifier for over 3 months and I have noticed a significant reduction in allergies that I have from my family pets which includes (a small zoo): 2 dogs, 2 cats, a hamster, and 5 fish (ok the fish don’t really count). On top of the being easier to breathe, there’s also a huge reduction in visible dust and dander on my furniture. My home was also built in 1959 so it also has helped with the standard old house dankness in the basement. Overall I find the unit does exactly what is supposed to do and would definitely recommend it to others.

Brian Faatz, 2010


Our apartment manager gave us a Biozone air purifier to use because the tenants below us smoked alot and it really created a smell in our apartment. Ever since we plugged it in, it got rid of the smell completely. Since then, the tenants moved out but we kept the Biozone plugged in because of the clean smell it created in our apartment.

Frederick A., 2010



I purchased 2 air cleaners in January of this year, one for my basement where my cat spends the most time in and also one for my bedroom as the customer service lady suggested it. I am very pleased with both units. The Blueair air cleaner has kept my bedroom free of cat hair and dander and has helped my sleeping tremendously. I really do wake up refreshed as promised. The Cleanaire air purifier was the All in one purifier I bought for the basement and it really helps to keep the air clean with all the pet dander and has improved the mildew smell of the basement as well. Thanks for recommending such great purifiers!

Brigit Nitschke, 2009


Brittany, (Customer Service Agent). Thank you for all of your help.  If I ever need anything more for the school or home I will make sure to let you know.  You have done an outstanding job and I really appreciate it. Thank you

Frances Tischer, 2009


Hi Brittany,

I appreciate all that you have done and know, from our conversations, that you are a warm as well as competent woman.  So, the process we found ourselves in I understand to be unusual.  You have treated me well, and I appreciate that.

I have downloaded the forms and will send them off soon. 

If you are ever in Portland I would be happy to return your kindness by buying you, and your husband....I imagine that you have one, a glass of wine.

Keep breathing!

Ken Andert, 2009

_____________________________________________________________________________   I just want to thank you for contacting me regarding this order and for your great customer service!  The correct charge of $269 just posted on my credit card this morning.   Sincerely, Patricia Bray, 2009


“I’ve been using the Cleanaire D2100 for over 6 months now in my office at work and am amazed at how clean the air is. I don’t have to dust near as much as I used to and with it being so quiet, I can have it running all day. Also, I used to have problems with smokers coming into my office and making the whole room smell like smoke, but now, with the D2100, the smell is gone in under a minute. I love it and would recommend it to anyone! Thank you for such a great product.”

B.Narten, 2009


"Thanks for following up with me. You've been so great and I really appreciate all the attention you have provided me regarding the (Cleanaire) machines."

K.S.., 2009



Praise from a happy, loyal customer!

I followed your instructions and this past Friday received a return package from Biozone Scientific...including a new In-Duct 5000 unit! I installed it immediately, and am relieved to be breathing clean air again. I can't tell you how pleased I am with the service provided by CleanAir4Life (you!) and Biozone Scientific (Margie and team!). Your partnership is one of excellence, and I wish continued success for both organizations. Please forward this note as appropriate.

Best regards,

Ed Ekert, 2008


I moved to the south last July and started to get allergies bad. I called Cleanair4life to see what would work best for me and they recommended the Blueair air cleaner. Since I received it 4 months ago, I have not had the sinus problems that I did upon first moving down here. I am thoroughly impressed.

Ashley Chestnut, 2008



I was recently introduced to the Biozone Air purification unit and was pleasantly surprised with its effectiveness. Using petri dishes, two biological tests were performed in my hospital, one before the use of the Biozone and one incorporating the Biozone unit. The dramatic reduction of bacteria in the petri dishes when the Biozone was used was truly amazing.

My staff and I have not only noticed the improved air quality in our facility, but, much to our relief, reduction in occurrence of allergies and sinus headaches. Many clients have also commented on how "clean" the hospital smells. I have even put the Biozone unit "to the test" with the troublesome odors such as tomcat urine and diarrhea cases--it worked tremendously.

I feel the Biozone Air Purifier is a necessity for any veterinary hospital that needs to revitalize its indoor air quality--not only the staff, but the clientele would truly welcome the improved atmosphere!

Susan A. Wilson, D.V.M., 2007


As I mentioned to you on the phone, I also own and have been very pleased with a Biozone 2000 Air Purifier. While no one anticipates, nor desires to have a problem with a purchased product, I was very impressed with your professionalism and prompt action during our phone conversations.


William J. Hertel, Dixon, Illinois, 2007



About this time of year my allergies drive me crazy. Our two Biozones gave me a safe haven in our home and at work. Thanks for the relief. I only wish I had discovered this device years ago.

Ray F. Davis, 2006


Just a note to present our opinion on trying your Biozone air purifier. In our small lounge area, the unit did a remarkable job reducing cigarette smoke and odors. Everyone enjoyed the difference. The unit we placed in the smoking section of our dining area did even a better job keeping the odors from reaching our non-smoking customers. Overall, we are very impressed and we wish to purchase both units. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to try the product.

Judy Martin, 2006


Just wanted to type you a quick note to let you know how happy we are with the Biozone Air Purifier we purchased from your company.

We had a very bad mildew smell in our photo studio, shortly after putting your Biozone Air Purifier into service the mildew smell was almost eliminated. Within in a week the mildew smell was totally gone.

Once again thank you for manufacturing such a quality piece of equipment.

John Gaudette, 2006


This is from a doubting customer, but not any longer!

Living in Florida with all the humidity and hurricanes, I was having Mega sinus difficulty until installing my Biozone induct unit two weeks ago. I know my air ducts and Condo was were loaded with mold and mildew and is only took this fantastic unit to get rid of it all. I am so happy with the new air I am breathing and needed something like this long ago. What a different odor in Florida now! I have been searching for something like this since moving to Florida in 1974.

The main man at Cleanair4life, Justin, is the most helpful and honest person I have come in contact with for a very long time. His workers there with him are just as nice to deal with as Justin. No matter what others would consider stupid questions, they do not! This is a very amazing business man and I would recommend it to anyone looking for help, no matter where you live.

I have a Great Granddaughter, as well as 3 children who do not like smoke, and I am not hearing complaints all of a sudden. Yes, we are bad, and do smoke, but I have noticed no household odors when we walk in now.

I guess I should have cooked cabbage, that would be proof, but am willing to bet the odor would not be lingering now. Of course I have the cleanest cat around anyhow, now if Grandma would stop smoking, but too late in life now to consider that. I am not saying youngsters should start it without a Biozone system for their house.

Just another very satisfied customer from West Palm Beach, Florida.

Marion Runge, 2006


I have severe allergies. In fact, I wake up every night with a stuffed up nose and have to use nasal spray at least twice each night. I had real doubts that your air purifier would give me any relief because I have tried air filters before with no success. I am amazed and pleased that for the last month since I have been using your product I have not had to use the nasal spray at night even once. I am so pleased that I have told many of my associates about the device and also want to get another one for my office. Thank you for the great product.

Alan Schommer, 2006


Toby's Oasis is a small cafe/deli across from the beach. We installed a Biozone Unit a week ago and we can't believe the difference. The air quality and fresh smell is unbelievable. As you can imagine, the odors from the ocean, from sunbathers, from all the food we prepare are quite a combination. Unfortunately not always a good combination.

Your air purifier solved this problem. We also love the fact that it is a no maintenance product. The last thing we need is something else to try to keep up with.

Toby, 2006


I have to tell you how nice it is to cook fish and not have our place smell like it for days. When my husband brought the air purifier home I couldn't imagine it could get rid of fish odors, but it sure does. We now have fish much more often than we use to because there just is no odor anymore. The machine also keeps our condo (which is in an older building) smelling fresh and clean all the time. Your air purifier really works well.

Chris Wood, 2006



Testimonials for the Airfree Air Purifiers

Dear Airfree, As a longstanding sufferer from dust mites, hay fever and many other things, I think airfree is fantastic. In the past, I had to close up the house and lie in a dark room for hours to feel better. I now have my Airfree unit plugged in to my bedroom and whenever I am suffering, I can go into that room. Within 20 minutes I am 100% better, even with the windows open!

Leslie C, Charleston, SC


It is my 90-year old husband who has chronic pulmonary disease. I bought the Airfree. He thinks it is been most helpful to him and wont live without it! Aside from being most effective, it is virtually maintenance free. We recommend it highly! I hope this will be of some help to you and if I can be of assistance, feel free to contact me. Sincerely,

EAG, MD, Miami, FL


After several years of worsening pain, I made the decision to have my hips replaced. This required two seperate operations and two seperate hospitalizations. My surgeon indicated the greatest danger was not the surgey but the risk of infection while recuperating in the hospital. Accordingly, I discussed the use of an Airfree unit with him. The result was that on both occasions, I took an Airfree machine with me to the hospital and came through without so much as a hiccup. I am confident that the use of this machine in my hospital room contributed to my recovery. Thank you for making this available. Sincerely,

Jeff Bagnall


As a Physician specializing in allergy and environmental medicine, I am very impressed with the Airfree Air Sterilizer for te purpose of removing molds and their spores from the air we breathe. These sterilizers work by using localised heat to sterilize the indoor air and encourage the circulation of cleaned air throughout the room. It does not require filters. This last point is important as all air filtration systems eventually block up with dust and mold, and this has the long-term effect of redistributing the molds throughout the room and is counterproductive. As a sufferer from an allergy to mold, I am very impressed with this machine as a way of keeping the air free of allergens. As a result of using an Airfree Sterilizer in my bedroom for the last three months, I no longer wake up with depression and cold shakes from the mold spores that one would otherwise breath during the night. This is a vast improvement. (I understand that it takes about 6 weeks for the Airfree to have it's full effect, presumable because it has to sterilize the air in the room over a period of time. In this connection, one should not move it from room-to-room, it is better left statis in one place where it will work its magic.)

I also installed an Airfree in my kitchen whic I consider to be a natural mold trap because of the steam from cooking and various vegetable items which are kept in the environment. I have noticed that since the Airfree was installed, my basil plants now survive instead of dying instantly, and that they are not afflicted with mold, either on earth or on their leave. They even survive having bits taken off in the usual way and are thriving. Also my onions don't go moldy.

Overall I feel the Airfree has contributed greatly to the reduction in the mold count in parts of my house (in which there was previously a problem due to the damp British climate). It has also contributed to an increase in my mental and physical energy and stamina. I can wholeheartedly recommend this machine for anybody with a serious allergy to mold and other airborne allergens. Also I recommend it to my patients with this problem.

Dr. Diana Samways, MD is a Physician specializing in Nutrition, allergy and environmental medicine in Haslemere, England


Natural Solutions Rating of the Airfree:

We have found that the Airfree is the ideal air cleaner and air sterilizer for bedrooms, nurserys, babies bedroom, day care centers, kindergardens, retirement homes, kitchens, small office areas, clinics, laboratories, dental areas, and a variety of other areas. It has No fan so it is silent! It is for reduction of airborne bacteria, mold, fungus, viruses, dust mite feces, etc... It does NOT use Ozone, Ions, or Filter Media to do it's work. In fact, it can reduce ozone indoors as a test result showed. Airfree is a safe and effective thermal type air cleaner/sterilizer which uses heat internally to incinerate the airborne pollutants and has no replacement filters or parts. As air passes through the inside of Airfree's patented ceramic core, 99.99% of micro-organisms that pass through its patented ceramic core are totally destroyed no matter how small or hazardous they might be. (Micro-organisms such as mold spores, fungus, bacteria, virus, etc.) Airfree has been extensively tested in real world situations and results are here in PDF files for you to view!

Natural Solutions Rates Airfree's at 4.5 out of 5

Airfree Air Sterilizers does not have any contra-indication, on the contrary it should be used in every room in every single house to improve indoor air quality.