Comparison Chart

Our air purifier comparison chart will help you decide which air purifier is right for you

The comparison chart is a compilation of purifier results based on:

  • Cleanair4life's personal assesment of each air purifier
  • Customer reviews we've received
  • Consumer Product Ratings
ProductCoverageAllergiesDustAsthmaSmokeOdorsPet DanderMoldGermsPriceConsumer Reviews
IQAir HealthPro 1000 sq.ft $849.00
IQAir HealthPro Plus 1000 sq.ft $899.00
Austin Air HealthMate 1500 sq.ft $538.99
Austin Air HealthMate Plus 1500 sq.ft $648.99
Blueair 403 365 sq.ft       $499.95
Blueair 403 w/ Smokestop Filter 365 sq.ft     $529.95
Air Oasis 1000G3 1000 sq.ft     $399.99
Air Oasis 3000G3 3000 sq.ft     $499.99
Biozone 500 500 sq.ft       $249.95
Biozone 2000 2000 sq.ft       $329.95
Airfree Platinum 2000 550 sq.ft       $269.00
Airfree Onix 3000 650 sq.ft       $299.00
Cleanaire D2100 1000 sq.ft     $550.00
Mammoth Air 1000x 6 3000 sq.ft     $349.95

= Extremely Effective = Fairly Effective


This comparison chart is not intended to give difinitive results but is instead intended to provide unbaised guidance to locate the product that best suits your needs based on our opinion and the opinion of other consumers.


Cleanair4life's goals are to provide you with hands-on-results and opinions based on our experience with each product. We purchase every product as a consumer, analyze the performance and then choose to either sell the product or not based on the results. If it doesn't satisfy our strict guidelines or work as the manufacture claims it should, we don't sell it!


We know there are far too many options for air purifirs out there and far too many air purifiers claim results that are simply unachievable by the air purifier presented. We feel it is our job to only present to you the very best of each category and find purifiers that are effective at each price tier. We work on a budget and know how hard it is to make special purchases on yours, which is why we have hand-selected each air purifier to giv you the air purification rsults you have searchd for. By choosing the right air purifier the first time, you avoid having to pay to return the purifier and save by not buying multiple machines before one actually works. Beware of the cheap air purifirs that claim they can purify your home with a machine that only costs $100 and has no replacement parts. When shopping for airt purifiers, try to think logically about how your impuritis will actually be rmoved from the air. For example, say you are allrgic to pollen and you buy a machine without a filter. If you analyze it logically, it dosn't make sense that a purifier without a filter would have the capability to remove a particle from the air.


But with all the information out there about air purifiers, it can be overwhelming. This is why we have dvised this air purifier comparison chart for you. Using consumer reports by trusted product review associations, along side our own customer reviws and actual experience using the air purifiers in our homes, we have developed what we feel is the best air purifier comparison chart around. Unbiased, thorough information on air purifiers, just for our customers convenience. We do the work so you don't have to. And if you would rather talk to one of our knowledgeable staff about all your air purifier options, just call today!