Ozone is a gas of Oxygen that contains 3 atoms instead of two. The extra Oxygen atom looks to attract to unwanted organic substances like:

  • bacteria and viruses
  • odors
  • mold
  • germs

It then releases that extra oxygen molecule to that substance, thereby oxidizing it and destroying the reproductive abilities by breaking it down internally. Once it oxidizes, it then reverts back to Oxygen, which is why it is considered a "friendly oxidizer".

Ozone Air Purifiers are one of the most controversial air purifiers on the market. Ozone gets a bad rap because studies have shown that ozone in high amounts is harmful to your health. We agree; in high amounts, most anything is harmful to your health, however, in trace amounts like our air purifiers produce, it is very beneficial to your health.

All of our air purifiers are proven to produce less than the federally regulated amounts of ozone considered safe which is 0.05ppm (parts per million). In fact, OSHA deams exposure to 0.1ppm acceptable ( twice as high as our purifiers create at there peak).

Nature uses ozone to clean the outdoor air and we feel (along with many scientists who have been studying this technology since the 1800's) that using ozone to clean the indoor air has just as many benefits. In addition, ozone air purifiers can sometimes be installed centrally in your HVAC system to clean your entire home with just one unit! Example, the Air Oasis Induct Air Purifier.

Ozone is used Commercially in many locations including:

  • Hospitals and dentist offices
  • Hotels and rental car facilities
  • Food Production Lines and Water Purification Facilities

Some of our Purifiers that Use Ozone: