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Informative and Educational Websites

The website resources listed below will provide you with information about clean air, allergy prevention, earth friendly and green living or medical information related to clean air.

We hope these related websites help you in your search for a healthier lifestyle and health friendly products.


The Green Guide, For Everyday Living

The 'Green Guide' is a National Geographic owned consumer website which presents ideas for individuals to incorporate in their daily lives that save money, enhance health and conserve our planet. The 'Green Guide' is not political or activist but full of great ideas for everyday environmentally-aware living.



Treehugger is a Discovery Company consumer website who's goal is to provide a one stop shop experience for green news, solutions, and product information. Once you get to the site, enter a search for 'indoor air' or 'water purifiers' or other related search terms to see a host of articles about maintaining clean air and water in your home or business.


The Sustainable Dwelling Blog

This is a blog website for green and sustainable environmental buildings and dwellings. Read the article Indoor Air Quality-It's Much Worse Than You Think presented by this website.


Wiser Earth

An earth and human culture search engine site that presents resources of books, articles, facts and other types of information about search terms you enter. We have entered a search for 'Indoor Air Quality' and you can see these resources by clicking the 'Wiser Earth' link above.


Allergy Relief Guide

This is a website dedicated to providing information about allergies and allergy relief. The site includes articles on allergies, symptoms, treatment, medications, food allergies, and allergy relief.


WebMD, Asthma Health Center

The Asthma Center at WebMD provides a wealth of information about Asthma symptoms, treatments, Asthma types, attacks, asthma and allergies, medications and more. WebMD also provides an Allergies Health Center.


Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Asthma provides overview information, asthma facts and stats, asthma outdoor and indoor triggers, management and treatment and asthma control publications. Also includes information for different groups and for related topics.


Environmental Protection Agency

The Environmental Protection Agency Asthma website includes asthma organizations and resources, indoor environmental asthma triggers, asthma awareness month, National Asthma Forum meeting, and much more.


Clean Air Act Guide

This is from the Environmental Protection Agency website. Provides a plain English guide to understanding the Clean Air Act.



This website is an information resource site for the environment industry. Includes: conferences, exhibitions, tradeshows, white papers, product solutions and industry news along with other resources.