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UV Light

UV light is so important in all aspects of life, that without it, our lives would literally be at risk of a multitude of contaminations and deficiencies. By educating yourself on this topic, you are taking the first step to gaining a healthier lifestyle by expanding your knowledge on ways UV light can enhance your quality of life inside and out. The sun creates Ultraviolet (UV) Rays that naturally act as the Earth’s air purifier by cleansing the outdoor air. In the last 100 years, humans have created the technology to duplicate the sun’s natural cleaning abilities into what we now know as UV Germicidal Light Technology.

UV Germicidal Light Technology has been used for years in hospitals, dentist’s offices, government agencies even salons for its ability to destroy unwanted contaminants from the air, surface, and water. With many Americans spending most of their time within the home, and drinking untreated tap water, it’s important to have UV Light air and water sanitizers like the Biozone Air Purifier and the Trojan Water Purifier in the home and office. The depth of importance of UV Light is unfathomable, but hopefully, being an informed consumer will make the journey of discovery more approachable.

Ultraviolet (UV) light is electromagnetic radiation that consists of electromagnetic waves that have higher frequencies than those people identify as the color violet, hence ‘Ultra’violet. UV light has wavelengths that are shorter than those of visible light, but longer than those of x-rays. UV radiation was first discovered in 1801 by German physicist Johann Wilhem Ritter with the observation that silver salts darken when exposed to sunlight. He made the association that silver chloride-soaked paper would darken when exposed to the invisible rays which he called “de-oxidizing rays” to emphasize their chemical reactivity. The term “chemical rays” was shortly after adopted and maintained through the 19th century to eventually be replaced by “Ultraviolet rays”. Many people are aware of the negative effects of UV light by experiencing painful sunburns, but not many people understand the positive effects it has on themselves as well as the environment.

The sun naturally emits UV radiation in the air via UVA, UVB, and UVC bands. A positive effect of the UVB light is that it induces the production of vitamin D in the skin. Studies show that tens of thousands of people in the US die every year from a range of cancers due to a lack of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is also imperative in the absorption of calcium which, if deficient, can lead to serious bone diseases. Ultraviolet radiation is also used in the treatment of some skin conditions such as vitiligo and psoriasis. Another benefit from the sun’s rays is that it has a naturally cleansing effect on the Earth’s air. UV light has known germicidal properties that enable it to rid the air and surface of harmful bacteria, germs, mold and unwanted odors. Imagine the Earth without this unique self-cleaning feature!

The sun creates Ultraviolet Rays that naturally act as the Earth’s air purifier. These UV rays destroy harmful particles such as bacteria, mold and mildew, yeast and viruses by breaking through the outer membrane of these particles and altering their DNA thus killing the microorganism. In the same way that the sun naturally performs this air purification to the outdoor air, Ultraviolet lamps are used to sterilize workspaces and tools used in medical facilities, biology laboratories, as well as salons and hotels. Commercially-available low pressure lamps emit germicidal wavelengths that cause adjacent thymine molecules on DNA to dimerize. When multiple defects from this accumulate on a microorganism’s DNA, its reproductive system is inhibited, rendering it harmless and unable to multiply as most bacteria, viruses, and mold do. This highly recognized UV Germicidal Light technology is found within our Air Oasis Air Purifiers and Biozone Air Purifiers.

Air Oasis Air Purifiers and Biozone Air Purifiers have harnessed UV Germicidal Light technology to destroy mold, bacteria, viruses, and germs from your indoor air improving the quality of air in your surroundings. Using a photo-catalytic action from the combination of the either Titanium dioxide (found in the Biozone) or a Nano-Nickle Blend of five rare catalyst metals (found in the Air Oasis) encasing and the UV lamp, a strong oxidative effect occurs on any organic material that passes, converting irritating pathogens into harmless inert byproducts thus reducing the amount of unwanted contaminants in the air. This technology is so widely accepted that NASA even used this technology to keep air from accumulating harmful byproducts while stuck inside of a shuttle. This is why we feel our Air Oasis Air Purifier and Biozone Air Purifiers are the greatest thing on the market to provide crisp clean air to an indoor environment.

UV light is not only great for the air surrounding you, but also for the water you drink. UV light is such an effective viricide and bactericide, that it is commonly used in wastewater treatment plants and increasingly used in drinking water treatment. New York City has even approved the construction of a 2 billion gallon-per-day UV drinking water disinfection facility. In addition, many bottled water facilities use UV light to sterilize their water and equipment and are making a killing; so why are you wasting your money on water you could be sterilizing in your own home?

Hopefully you now understand the importance of UV light in all aspects of your life. From the natural occurrence of the sun, to the modern use of UV lamps, UV light has a multitude of benefits that can significantly improve your quality of life. The highly recognized technology of UV Lamps has been used for years in a variety of places from the White House to the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas to multiple hospitals all across the world. UV light technology has been studied for over a century and proven to be safe for use in your home or office. With UV light technology used by so many agencies, businesses, and individuals like you looking for cleaner, more pure air and water, we are confident that our Air Oasis Air Purifiers and Biozone Air Purifiers can provide the allergy, mold, and flu season relief you have been waiting for. Please take your health into consideration, and add the benefits of UV Germicidal Light technology into your life today.

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