What is a Micron?

A micron, short for micrometer, is a unit of measurement used mainly to describe ultra tiny things. A micron is actually 0.000039 of an inch.

The term micron and the symbol ยต used to represent the micron have been used by the air purification industry for years. It's a great way to show how small of particles the purifiers can actually remove.

For comparrison:

  • A strand of human hair is 20-180 microns around
  • The period at the end of this sentence is 397 microns.
  • Pollen is 6-100 microns
  • Mold is 10-30 microns
  • Dust is 0.001-30 microns

Micron size is important for purification purposes. You must know what size the purifier removes in order to know how effective it is.