Violight Dental Spa

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Violight Dental Spa Cleaner with Sonic and UV Light Technology

This powerful dental spa will sanitize almost all types of mouth pieces within minutes without any chemicals. Using UV light technology and ultrasonic cleaning power, you can be sure your dentures, mouth guards or even braces are sanitized thoroughly within minutes.

How Does it Work?

This dental spa cleaner works by killing 99.9% of bacteria and germs in just minutes! The sonic cleaner sanitizes for 5 minutes then the UV Light purifies for 20 minutes.

Just fill the inner cup with water, place in any oral device into the dental spa, close the lid and turn on. It's that easy!

What Can I Use it For?

Ideal for braces, mouth retainers, dentures, sport mouthguards, whitening trays, bite plates and any othr intra-oral device!

***As a side note, after testing this product at our facility (as we do with all our products to ensure they are as effective as they claim) we found that it is best used for sanitation rather than for cleaning. With most mouth-pieces, including dentures, it is best to clean them regularly to remove any debris before placing inside the dental spa for UV sanitation. ***


1 year warranty